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Eezityre Accessories designs and manufactures some of the most unique products seen in the Australian marketplace today.  The well known Tyre Snake and the Spare Air designs are two of the most utilised products in the sedan and 4x4 market.  Keep your spare tyre inflated at all times and use your spare tyre as an air reservoir.  Campers, 4x4 vehicles, trucks and cars and even trailers, there’s a product for every wheel out there on the road.


Our Location has MOVED

We are now on our partner site XDRIVE


XDRIVE advanced driver training

Stephen Haughey says ...

“I believe there is always room for improvement when it comes to off road and defensive driving”.

“I offer my expertise in this field to anyone willing to learn and better themselves behind their wheel.  You are never too young or too old to learn and we offer a fun and educational experience all wrapped into one or two days”.

Want to join Stephen or just find out more?

LINK  https://www.xdrive.com.au