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This 5 piece kit comes complete with:-

         5 meter rubber hose

         Quick release air connector

         Blow Gun

         Tyre Chuck

         Storage bag



Grass seeds from your radiator & hot exhaust

Dust from your air filter

Dust from your door seals

Dust or mud from the under carriage


A tyre

Reseating the bead of a tyre


Interiors of caravans, camper vans, ground sheets


This product is compatible with the Eezityre Tyre Snakes

Spare wheels all hold spare air, tyres hold spare air and now with the Tyre Valve Air Extension (Spare Air) you can utilise your spare air to undertake all sorts of functions.

Use your spare air on a daily basis when away on holiday trips, especially in desert sandy & muddy areas that so many Australians love to visit.  Perfectly suitable for caravan owners, utes, camper vans, 4x4 vehicles, autos, trucks, trailers - any vehicle will accept this product.

PRICE A$85.00


Whenever you drive, wherever you drive to, you have spare air in your spare wheel.

How does  Spare Air work?

RESEATING a tyre using the Eezityre Spare Air Kit

If you roll the tyre off its rim, either by deflating it too much or turning sharply on sand etc., you can reseat the tyre back on its rim by utilising the air stored in either your spare tyre or any other of your tyres.

METHOD for Reseating your tyre

  1. 1.Remove the wheel from the vehicle, this takes the weight of the vehicle off the tyre and makes it easier to re-inflate/reseat.

  2. 2.Clean out the debris which may have collected on the bead area of the tyre.  (Use your “Spare Air”)

  3. 3.In some instances, it may assist to remove the schrader valve (inside portion of the tyre valve) to assist with air flow.  This is not necessary in all cases and only do this if you have the necessary tools.

  4. 4.Attach your Tyre Valve Air Extension (Spare Air) to your spare tyre or to your Tyre Snake, whichever is appropriate in your situation.

  5. 5.Place the tyre chuck on the quick release valve and attach it to the deflated tyre. The air should then be automatically transferred to the tyre.

  6. 6.Placing the tyre in an upright position, or moving the tyre around may assist to seat the tyre against the bead.

  7. 7.Once the bead is sealed, inflate the tyre to the required pressure.

CLICK HERE to download
Spare Air Reseating instructionsSpareAir_files/Eezityre%20Spare%20Air%20Instructions%20PDF%20for%20iweb.pdf