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The Tyre Repair Kit by your side makes you prepared & road ready so your family can rely on you to always be prepared for any mishap that may befall your tyres

We like making life eezier for you so here are some ‘tips’ for using your Tyre Repair Kit


21 Piece Kit

2x Allen Keys

1x Solid lubricating oil

1x Moulded carry case

1x Heavy duty zinc alloy T Handle Needle

1x Heavy duty zinc alloy T Handle Spiral File

15 Piece 20cm Cold mending rubber string

Tyre Repair Kit Instructions.Tyre_Repair_Kit_files/Eezityre%20Tyre%20Repair%20Kit%20Instructions%20PDF%20for%20iweb.pdf
  1. 1.

Remove the object causing the puncture e.g, nail; piece of wood etc.  Take the time to remember the way you removed the object as this will in fact help you later.    (Refer to number 4 below).

  1. 2.

If the tyre is completely flat, inflate it as this will help with the process of using the T-Handle Spiral File (awl) and inserting the cord.

  1. 3.

Use T-Handle Spiral File dip into the grease provided.  (use sparingly)

  1. 4.

Insert this T-Handle Spiral File into the hole.  Follow the path used when removing the offending object.     DO NOT MAKE A NEW HOLE!


Twist the T-Handle Spiral around a few times. 

Remember, it is not a file,  refer to tip 3.

  1. 6.

Taking the T-Handle Needle, thread the pre-impregnated cord through the eye of the needle at the end.   Please use a full length of cord!

  1. 7.

Push the cord into the hole again following the direction that you made with your T- Handle Spiral  File (awl) tool.

  1. 8.

Place the round plate on this tool against the tyre, hold it there with your other hand and pull the needle back out the hole, thereby allowing the cord to remain behind plugging the hole.

The excess cord sticking out the hole may be cut off with scissors or a knife, however, this is not necessary as this excess cord will wear down while the vehicle is driven.

  1. 9.

Re-inflate the tyre and drive for about 10 minutes to allow the pressure inside the tyre to force the plug tightly into the hole therefore creating a good seal. 

The heat build up generated whilst driving will also help to cure the rubber, thereby giving you a much greater chance of a successful repair.

NB:  It is important to note that if your puncture occurred on the sidewall of your tyre - be mindful that the sidewall is prone to flexing and the repair can easily open up and leak air.  This air can leak at a rapid pace so drive carefully and consider this repair to be an emergency repair only.

DISCLAIMER  We believe that with any tyre repair, the spare tyre should be used as a first line of defence and the tyre repair kit should be used as a ‘back-up’.  These types of repairs are classified as ‘temporary’ and we recommend that you have your tyre checked by a tyre specialist at your earliest convenience.

Repairs are most successful when they occur in the tread area of the tyre, however, holes in the sidewall can also be repaired. 

It is worth remembering that the sidewall of the tyre is more prone to flexing than the tread area and therefore a puncture repair undertaken on the sidewall can easily open and leak again.

Treat this type of repair as an “emergency repair” only and drive carefully until you have your tyre changed.

Easy to use instructions for putting your Tyre Repair Kit to good use