Tyre accessories designed by Eezityre


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Based in Queensland we have designed two products that will make a major difference to your life.

The Tyre Snake and Spare Air are both compatible with each other. Our products are strong and work well and have been tried and tested by XDrive Advanced Driver Training.

AND THERE’S MORE ….  We have tried and tested other products (not designed by us) that are great accessories to have in your vehicle too. View below.

How to repair a puncture easily
Use Tyre pressure caps to check tyre pressure daily

We bet you own a 4wd, Caravan, Ute, Trailer, or a Boat!

Take a look at XDrive. They offer 4 wheel drive courses, towing courses, sand driving courses and many more that will teach you a thing or two about off road driving. Stephen Haughey is an internationally accredited 4WD trainer. Check out his ABOUT page you will be astounded by what he can teach you.